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We Find A Match For Your Goals

Changing jobs is a big decision.

Once you’ve made it, though, the next move is finding a partner who keeps your career goals squarely in focus.

GROUP II starts with these basic promises: We will spend time getting to know your needs, desires and expectations. Your resume will be held in strict confidence, and never forwarded to any employer without your consent. Most importantly, we never forget that this is your job search, not ours.

We work with highly-regarded clients who know what they are seeking. When we introduce you to a prospective employer, the match has been carefully researched and thoroughly vetted.
We’re all about finding the right fit between you and the employer. It’s a 50-50 equation.

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You're making a big decision. We understand.........

and will make sure you value your decision to partner with GROUP II.

“GROUP II is a highly reputable company. During my first meeting and all subsequent contacts, they were extremely warm and encouraging as well as knowledgeable about the position and the client they were working with; guaranteeing a good fit as a candidate. GROUP II was a great resource for resume strengthening, interview navigation, and general employment insight. I feel very privileged to have been afforded an opportunity to find employment through GROUP II!”

~Legal Assistant

“From my first meeting with GROUP II, I knew it was going to be a great experience. Not only did they become familiar with my business aptitude and my skill sets, but they really got to know my personality and working style. They truly understood who I was, what I was capable of and what I was looking for. Because GROUP II took the time to really get to know me, they knew that I would be interested in opportunities that did not necessarily fit under just one job title. GROUP II considered my strengths and my personality and reached out me when they saw a good fit. They take the time to explain the position and the company (including its culture), as well as where they see the connection between the opportunity and the candidate. I am so thankful for
GROUP II’s forward thinking and thorough knowledge of the opportunity and the candidate…they opened the best door I have ever walked through!”

~Firm Administrator

“GROUP II was exceptional in their conscientious effort to compatibly connect me with an employer. The recruiters at GROUP II are respectful, accommodating, and diligent.”

~Administrative Professional

“I would highly recommend using GROUP II for those seeking employment. Their commitment to ensure I was placed with a company where I could utilize my talents exceeded my expectations. Their positivity and assistance with preparing me for the interviews were reasons I believe I was extended an offer sooner than other applicants.”

~Client Service Specialist

"I am very grateful for the extraordinary people at GROUP II. Not only are they some of the nicest people around, but they are dedicated and genuinely care about the people they're helping find a career. They never give up on finding the right job for you and without them I wouldn't have found the job that's so perfect for me."

~Legal Assistant

Your goals, and what’s important to you, matter tremendously to us.

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